Unplug Alarm – Protect your MacBook from theft.

In a world where freelancing and remote work is emerging, working from cafes, libraries, co-working spaces, and other public places became the trend.

A problem that I always face when working from public places is that I’m always worried about my MacBook being stolen if I left for few minutes. One wants to take breaks to have a small walk or grab a new coffee! Actually, this problem is not only mine, it happens that some strangers ask me to watch their devices until they come back.

That’s where the idea of “Unplug Alarm” came as small app for MacBooks that detects a theft attempt and alerts me. So I developed this app to send me a notification if someone unplugs it from the power.. or closes it’s screen!

Now, whenever I want to leave, I activate the app. If a theft attempt occurs, I’ll be notified directly on my phone. Also, a load alarm starts in case of unplugged form power.*

Unplug Alarm is now available on App Store at 50% OFF for a limited time.

You can check the app’s website go to App Store directly through the following links:

How the app works:

  • When you want to leave, click activate. 
  • When you’re back, click deactivate and authenticate with Touch ID or password.

To setup notifications:

  1. Install the app on MacBook.
  2. Install the client app on your iPhone.
  3. Open the app from the menu bar.
  4. Go to Notifications > Set up new device
  5. Open the client app on iPhone.
  6. Scan the QR code.
  • You can enable/disable siren sound.
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