How I Use Notion with My Team

As a productivity enthusiast, I’m always on the lookout for tools that can help me and my team stay on top of our work.

While working solo, I relied on Agenda to keep track of my projects, ideas, and plans. But when building a team got into the picture, I realized I needed a new tool that allows seamless collaboration and enables access to information for everyone.

And as someone who places a great emphasis on organization, I can tell you that keeping track of everything can be a real challenge. However, Notion has quickly become a staple in my team’s workflow as a productivity and organization tool.

I’ve received a lot of DMs on Instagram and comments asking about how I use Notion. In this blog post, I’ll share how we use Notion to manage tasks, plan content, store information, collaborate on projects, and more. So, let’s dive right in!

Task List

I set up a task list in Notion as one of the first things I did. We use this to store all of our tasks, assign them to team members, add deadlines, and track progress. We even store the necessary additional resources to complete the tasks. Having everything in one centralized place has been a game-changer for our team. The ability to see what needs to be done at a glance and make updates or changes quickly whenever necessary makes the process really convenient.

To-Do Notion template

Social Media Planning

Notion is not just a tool for organizing projects and storing important information. Planning and creating content for our social media accounts is one of the ways we use it for. We have three separate planners for each of our accounts: one for Mockup, another for Apprime Studio‘s blog and socials, and a third one for my personal brand’s blog, newsletter, and socials. Within these planners, we plan our content, including both copy and visuals. This has been an excellent way for our team to ensure that we maintain our social media presence and keep our audience engaged with fresh content at all times.

Content calendar Notion template


When it comes to documentation, Notion has been a lifesaver for our team. It has made it super easy to keep all of our important information in one place using the documentation template. We’ve got step-by-step guides for all of our processes, important tools, and notes, like app update checklists, app store screenshot specifications, app store special links, and an FAQ for our main project, Mockup. This means that we can easily access all of the information we need, whenever we need it.

Plus, it’s been amazing for keeping track of all of our product updates too. We have a dedicated page where we keep track of all app updates in an organized way that’s accessible to everyone on the team. This way, everyone can stay informed about the changes and the new features that have been added.

Docs Notion template

Meeting Notes

Similar to documentation, we have a meeting notes template. We use it to track the discussed topics, action items, and any other significant information. This has been helpful in ensuring that we never miss anything important and that we can always refer back to our notes whenever we needed to. It has made our meetings much more productive and efficient.

Meeting notes Notion template

Feedback Tracker

Let me tell you how Notion contributed to improving our apps. It has been super useful for us by using the feedback tracker template. It has proven to be incredibly useful in organizing and monitoring all user feedback, including bug reports and feature suggestions. Before, I used to take notes of user requests in random places and often forgot about them.

This has been a huge help in keeping our users happy and ensuring that we address all of their concerns in a timely manner.

Notion’s feedback tracker template

Development Tasks

Finally, I use Notion personally to keep track of my development tasks for each version update of each app. These tasks include new features on our roadmap, bug fixes, and suggestions from the Feedback Tracker. This way, I can easily keep track of what I need to do and ensure that I don’t miss any important tasks.

If you’re interested, you can access the Roadmap Notion template that I use.

Roadmap Notion template

Our team has experienced a significant shift since incorporating Notion into our workflow. It enabled us to stay on top of our tasks, improve efficiency, and maintain organization effectively.

If you’re looking for a tool to help organize your work, whether solo or with a team, I highly recommend giving Notion a try.

Thank you for reading! I hope this has been helpful in showing how we use Notion to keep our team organized and on track.


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